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We understand that in this industry, there isn't a lot of time to waste if it isn't making money, that's why we hold the complete package of information and opportunity in our brand. We hold surveys every quarter with our community to stay up to date on your needs, focus and goals so we can tailor our products to help you achieve greatness! 

iGB Affiliate always has room for new ideas and improvement, that's why we're working on a brand new website (ETA March 2021) that will host a myriad of content, training, events and more. Our content will come formatted in the way you prefer, with detailed and technical deep-dives into all things affiliate marketing as well as keeping you up to date on any new launches to get you in front of the right prospects and potential partners. 

It's going to be an epic change. So if you want to stay up to date and notified, sign up to our weekly newsletter >>

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